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Highly Accurate. Multilingual.

Our intelligent API transforms resumes in PDF format into JSON, making it easier for you to analyze candidate data seamlessly. Say goodbye to tedious manual entry—let our AI do the heavy lifting.

Multilingual Resume Translation

Streamline your recruitment process and increase diversity with our resume translation API. Powered by AI, our API delivers accurate and reliable translations for job applicants worldwide.

Boost Job Applications with AI Cover Letters. Try Our API!

Our API allows you to seamlessly integrate our powerful cover letter generation technology into your workflow. Customize cover letters on-the-fly with ease, saving you valuable time and effort

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Our plans provide the quickest and simplest way to get started with our resume parser. The Basic plan is free, offering an ideal opportunity to begin integrating our API into your resume analysis workflow.

Basic Plan
15 Requests / Monthly
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1,500 Requests / Monthly
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our API specializes in converting resumes from PDF to JSON format using AI technology. Additionally, we offer a unique feature that generates cover letters based on the provided resume and job description. We also provide translation services to convert resumes into multiple languages.